Every project’s success depends on (and begins with) your “why?”

Many times, we feel an impulse to change something because it’s causing us distress or dissatisfaction. And our homes are no different. “It’s ugly,” or “I’m sick of it,” might seem like perfectly good reasons to remodel, but there’s usually a little more to the equation.

When you explore the “why” of your remodel a little more, you can get into the specific details of how an aspect of your home no longer serves you. For example, that room that really “annoys” you might be constrictive or poorly designed. Or, you might have a dreary, outdated, or dysfunctional room that makes you feel frustrated and depressed. 

Getting down to the “why” of your remodel will help you identify the aspects of your home that need improvement. It will also help your construction and design team understand how to best optimize and upgrade your space. 

Questions to Ask Before You Start

Determining the reason behind your remodel is fun. As you start to articulate your dissatisfaction, you can begin to see how specific improvements will make your home–and your life–better. 

Below are some questions to ask before diving into a remodel.

Questions about the home:

  • Which rooms are uncomfortable? Why?
  • Which rooms are underutilized? Why?
  • Which rooms feel cramped and cluttered no matter how much you organize them?
  • Is there an unused room that can be converted into a space that supports our family?
  • What areas are outdated in ways that feel depressing or uncomfortable?
  • What kinds of upgrades might boost our home’s value?
  • What upgrades will help meet our family’s growing and evolving needs?

Questions about your budget:

  • What budget are we able and willing to spend at this time?
  • Which rooms or areas are a priority with the budget we have in mind?
  • Which rooms or areas might be able to wait until next year or further in the future?
  • Are we putting money into high-quality materials and upgrades that will last rather than trying to accomplish too much with too little?
  • If we can’t afford the major upgrade we want now, is there a smaller project we can prioritize to make our home more comfortable in the meantime?

Remodeling: The Benefits of Knowing Your “Why?”

When remodeling the home, the “why” we land on first is sometimes a general complaint or feeling. But diving a little deeper to examine the underlying issues is extremely helpful for you and your remodeling team. 

Some common “why” scenarios:

  • We love cooking, but our kitchen is outdated, restrictive, and small
  • We have a room we never use that could be heavily utilized with a few changes
  • Our home feels stuck in another era and doesn’t match our style or needs
  • We have walls or barriers in spaces that could benefit from being wide open and connected

When your construction and design team knows what aspects of your home make it outdated, underutilized, or inefficient, they can help you create a refreshed and revitalized space. As a bonus, you can call on the same team for future projects, and they’ll already have a working knowledge of your home, your style, and your needs.