With the right team in place, your remodeling project is set to begin. Make sure you set yourself and your hired team up for success by following these three guidelines:

1. Communicate Early and Often

One of the foundational components of a successful remodeling project is clear communication. Make sure that from the predesign stage all the way to post-construction, you communicate continually with your team. The sooner you address an issue or ask a question, the better your chance of a positive outcome.

For example, change orders are a common part of a remodeling project. Change orders are exactly what they sound like — a change to the initial proposal later in the project. For example, during a kitchen remodel, you might realize partway into the construction process that you would prefer marble countertops to granite. Rather than holding this information back, communicate right away with your team. Change orders are a well-known part of the construction process, and your contractor will know how to handle updates to your contract. The earlier a change order can be placed, the less disruptive it will be to budgets and schedules. When a change order does occur, be sure to carefully review the impact it will have on the project with your contractor. This will help prevent any miscommunication, overspending, or undesirable timeline changes from occurring.

2. Stay Abreast of Updates

Throughout your remodeling project, be sure you understand how you can check in for updates. Many companies will offer you the ability to review daily work through an online portal or provide a daily recap of work done.

By paying attention to the progress of your renovation, you can make sure to raise any questions or concerns along the way. It is far better for you to ask about something the day it took place than a week later. This will help ensure that your project meets your expectations.

3. Provide Feedback

Once your renovation is complete, take the time to review the finished result and provide feedback to your team. This feedback will help the team you worked with continually improve their processes. It will also allow you to ask questions, clarify any concerns, and gather information about maintenance related to your newly remodeled space.

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