The cost of any project is directly dependent on the scope of work and the level of finish involved. There are many variables that will need to be determined to develop the final cost, that is why it is important to have a good team behind you to develop your budget and make sure an accurate cost analysis is properly performed. If you are currently in the conceptual stage and are looking to gain an understanding of the cost to complete certain projects, we recommend finding articles that directly encompass your region. We have found that online searches for the cost of a renovation project is not properly reflective to that of businesses located in the Northwest region. A good cost report for the San Diego region is produced annually by Remodeling Magazine and can be found here: With our design/build approach we provide a preliminary estimate based on your project goals. As the design develops, we provide feedback to make sure the design will stay within your budgetary constraints. This allows you to have confidence in the project and process as it develops, well before final drawings and our proposal is produced. One of the easiest ways to implode a budget is to not properly value engineer a project with your design-build team. We have an article related to proper budgeting techniques for your project you can find here.